Version 1.37

1. Fixed installer bug that asked to reinstall every time PulseGuide is run.

Version 1.36

1. Fixed timing bug that may cause a queued command to be sent before a reply to the previous command is received..

2. Fixed bug in Mount Initialization dialog – Slew rate is now initialized.

3. Fixed compatibility bug (with keypad firmware) when sending/receiving with East Longitude coordinates.

4. Updated Park/Unpark Alt/Az locations so that they work properly in North and South Hemispheres.

5. Time Zone can now be entered in the range -11 to 23 hours (was 0 to 23).

Version 1.26

1. Fixed Dec Test 3 which would only do one movement to the North before reversing to the South.

2. Fixed the focuser counter. It now decrements the counter when you press the - button.

Version 1.20

1. The Measure Rate Tool now calculates the RA and Dec rates correctly.

2. The serial commands are now queued so they cannot overlap each other. Stricter error checking is done on responses.

3. PulseGuide no longer disconnects often.

4. Hour-Angle in status bar is now correct.

Version 1.10

1. Unpark now sends location and time zone in addition to time (which was all PulseGuide sent in v1.10).  In particular this is what PulseGuide now sends when you click Unpark (commands sent in this order):

Local Time
Time Zone
Unpark command
Set Sidereal Rate