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PulseGuide 1.37 - March 7 2008

  1. Added reverse Dec/RA checkboxes in Measurement dialog.

PulseGuide 1.36 - February 6 2008

  1. Added North/South field to Declination in Goto/Sync group box.
  2. Add a button to load the current RA/Dec into the RA/Dec fields of the Goto/Sync group box.
  3. Added “Init Mount” button to the Connect page. This allows you to initialize the mount at any time, and not just when the mount has not been initialized since power on.
  4. After initialization the Last Sent Tracking Rate and Slew Rate fields are now filled in.
  5. Better validation of received RA/Dec values.
  6. On the PulseGuider tab show “N/A” in some PulseGuide fields when hardware supported tracking rates are used (GTOCP3).

PulseGuide 1.30 - June 28 2004

  1. Added support for new GTOCP3 controller (firmware revision “F” and higher).
  2. Pulse guiding now directly sets the Dec and RA rates in firmware for very precise rates. The old method of sending pulses to effectively adjust the rate is still supported for older firmware revisions.
  3. Pulse guider direction automatically reverses if the mount is flipped.
  4. The Guide rate and Button rate can now be set independently like can be done in the AP keypad.
  5. New program icon.
  6. Miscellaneous other changes.

PulseGuide 1.26 - January 9 2004

Bug fixes only

PulseGuide 1.25 - November 22 2003

  1. Added a third Declination axis test. To do this test you must remove the declination axis cover and watch the gear train. Or, you can observe the motion at night by looking at a star with very high power.
  2. The focuser control now has a position counter. When a button is pressed the focuser will be sent pulses slowly at first and will accelerate as you keep the button pressed.

PulseGuide 1.21 - October 1 2003

  1. New mount initialization window that can configure the mount the same way every time you start it.
  2. A new dialog that implements Rolandís Backlash test functions.

Version 1.20 June 3, 2003

  1. Improved internal logic to prevent commands from overlapping.
  2. Additional movement buttons, ability to rotate buttons.
  3. New Measurement results dialog.
  4. Park to AP Park Positions or user-defined Alt/Az.
  5. Unpark from AP Park Positions or user-defined Alt/Az.
  6. Improved accuracy when setting and retrieving time.
  7. Focus control.
  8. Reticle brightness control.
  9. Backlash control.
  10. Local serial time displayed in status bar (instead of sidereal time).
  11. Numerous minor user interface changes.

Version 1.10 - May 6, 2003

  1. New status bar on the bottom of the window displays RA, DEC, Side of mount the scope is on, the current sidereal time, and the hour angle (angle of the scope relative to the meridian). The status bar is not part of any of PulseGuideís tabs so it displays all time while the mount is connected.
  2. Optionally the PulseGuide application will place itself always on top of other windows.
  3. New Locations tab allows user to save and restore an arbitrary number of locations (longitude/latitude). PulseGuide can easily send whichever location you choose to the mount.
  4. New TPoint tab allows you to quickly resynchronize your mount to your TPoint(TM) Model in TheSky(TM). 
  5. In addition to stopping the mount the Delayed Stop feature can now Park the mount. Parking de-energizes the motors so that autoguider signals or serial commands will not move the mount.
  6. When unparking the mount the mountís longitude, latitude, and time zone are sent in addition to the PC time.
  7. You can swap the positions of the N/S and E/W move scope buttons.
  8. Goto manually entered coordinates.
  9. Sync to manually entered coordinates
  10. STOP movement button to stop a GOTO if necessary
  11. When one of the Set Guide/Centering Rate buttons is pressed the rate is now displayed in the center of the Move Scope buttons (in addition to the Last Sent edit box).
  12. PulseGuide now updates RA and Dec every second instead of every other second.
  13. Removed the ALT/AZ option (tell me if you need  it back in).
  14. Other miscellaneous changes.